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  1. Unemployment Shocks for Individuals on the Margin: Exploring the Recidivism Effects
    This paper was awarded the first place winner at APPAM Fall Research Conference (2016) poster session. A brief description of my paper can be found here.

  2. A New Look at the Employment and Recidivism Relationship through the Lens of a Criminal Background Check (with Megan Denver and Shawn Bushway). Forthcoming in Criminology

  3. Crime Type versus Totality of Factors: An Empirical Evaluation of Different Strategies for Criminal Background Checks in Employment (with Shawn Bushway and Megan Kurlychek).

  4. Redeemed Compared to Whom? Comparing the Distributional Properties of Arrest Risk Across Convicted and General Populations (with Samuel DeWitt, Shawn Bushway and Megan Kurlychek). Forthcoming in Criminology and Public Policy

  5. Criminal Background Checks and Recidivism: Bounding the Causal Impact (This paper was awarded the Pong Lee Award for Excellence in Research by the Department of Economics, University at Albany)

Other Articles

  1. Trade Liberalization and Income Convergence in Developing Countries. Special Article in Economic and Political Weekly, Vol. 51, Issue 28
  2. Adoption of Risk Tools in the Employment Context (With Shawn Bushway). Book Chapter in Risk and Needs Assessment: Theory and Practice. Volume 1, ASC Division on Correction and Sentencing Handbook Series. Taylor and Francis.